Tools for Success

A leader must both mobilize the vision and execute for results.  Being organized on both fronts is an imperative for being efficient, garnering input, gaining credibility with audiences, and ensuring that actions are carried out.

 The JRS Group, Ltd. offers these basic organizational tools to help manage meetings, teams, and projects.  The templates contain instructions that can be easily deleted, so the space provided may contain your narrative or content.  Please feel free to customize these templates for your needs.

Lead on! 

·      Team or Work Group Charter: PDF | Word Doc

·      Team or Unit Compact: PDF | Word Doc

·      Team Rules of Engagement: PDF | Word Doc

·      Proposal Brief: PDF | Word Doc

·      Meeting Agenda: PDF | Word Doc

·      Meeting Notes: PDF | Word Doc

·      Work Plan: PDF | Word Doc

·      Project Checklists: PDF | Word Doc

·      Robert’s Rules of Order Cheat Sheet: PDF